• An Exclusive Fireplace...

    The new Visio 3 and 2 from RAIS turn the concept of fireplace upside down… You only see the fire… Leave the window open and you have an open fireplace...

    It just cannot get any more elegant. See more 


  • Get Fireplace Inspiration Free of Charge!

    RAIS' annual magazine has never had so many pages before! So many nice photographs! So many stoves! And they are also available in different colours and shades! In other words, inspiration in large quantities for you, who are dreaming about, thinking about, drawing, calculating and looking forward to a new inner glow in your home. Here you are Or get the catalogue from your closest dealer. You can also have a look at our new stoves here. And, please, do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Welcome.

  • Three smart stoves with internal air regulation…

    RAIS has now invented a stove that regulates its own air! The name of the technical finesse that makes the stove so much easier to use at the snap of a finger is CleverAir. See our press release The epoch-making, environmentally neutral Bionic Fire is equipped with CleverAir. And so is Ny Pilar, with it striking, organic design. And also the efficient, cubist Q-Be. CleverAir is a top-notch modern technology that makes a difference in everyday life. Just light the stove. Shut the door. And that's it - easy and convenient!

  • Classic Top-Modern Stove – Now Fitted with Automatic Air Regulation…

    - and New Smart Details

     One of the most distinctive and popular stoves from RAIS, the large rotund Pilar, has now been upgraded and takes a step into the limelight as New Pilar. The super modern, yet timeless circular stove is now available with automatic air regulation.

    Read more


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